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When you need wholesale beef, turn to a company that gets your order perfect every time. Blank Meats is a preferred choice for meat sales in Foley, MN. Our beef is available in a variety of weights so you can get the exact quantity you need.

You can expect our meat to be consistently outstanding. Your beef will always be properly cut and stored, so you'll never have to worry about unsafe food conditions. Our storage facilities are regularly inspected to ensure safety.

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We set ourselves apart from the competition by:

  • Avoiding the use of additives in our meats
  • Ensuring that all of our meat is safe and high-quality

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Why Fresh Meat is Better

What's in your grocery store meat?

  • Nitrogen. Most retailers add nitrogen into beef to make their meat look red and fresh.
  • Pink slime. 70% of ground beef in the super markets contains pink slime - unwanted beef trimmings that are heated and separated by spraying ammonia gas onto the meat to kill bacteria.
  • Pork. South Shore Lab tested big chain stores and found 3 out of 4 samples contained 10% ground pork in their hamburger. Why? Pork is much cheaper than beef.
  • Old animals. Most big beef is made up of old cows and bulls that are cheaper to buy, and leaner, so they can add left over fat with them to create a bigger profit.